Character creation in Fiend Wake is meant to be fun, easy and collaborative. As you create your character, work with other players to build a fun cast of adventurers.

  1. Select your race, nation and profession
  2. Boost your stats by selecting personality traits
  3. Acquire skills and back story elements, then boost skills
  4. Buy equipment

Character Stats

Most character data is derived from stats. Each stat is useful in its own way for improving die rolls and granting you bragging rights. Each stat has an associated number called “level” which is used to determine your character’s general effectiveness in that stat’s domain.

While we hope the names are descriptive enough, here’s a summary of each of the stats and their meanings — just in case table-top RPG’s aren’t your native tongue…

Awareness is your character's ability to notice things either by intuition or raw sensory perception. Characters with low awareness could be called "oblivious" and those with the highest awareness may seem clarivoyant.
Cunning is your character's wits and reasoning abilities. Higher cunning denotes the ability to cognate quickly and precisely whereas low cunning rightly earns you the title "dullard."
Endurance is the ability persevere through exhaustion and physical abuse. Higher endurance makes you less susceptible to illness, shock and aneurysms when listening to boy bands or other similar torture.
Grace is having poise, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Higher grace denotes that you are agile and could possibly make acrobatics look easy whereas low grace signifies clumsiness or an ungainly bearing.
Power is raw physical prowess, the effect of your exhertion, the energy of your efforts. Characters with high power can run fast, lift heavy, hit hard, and perform other athletic tasks with gusto. Those with low power may be frail or effete.
Resolve is self-discipline, mettle or willpower. A character with high resolve has an unshakable will, can resist the urge to spank succubi, stick to a diet and remain focused on a task in spite of distraction or stress.
Spirit is the acuity of your character's other-worldly senses, and the capacity to peer with the "third eye" into the fabric of the cosmos without going insane. Spirit is useful for magic and is a source of apparent "luck" for everyone.