The Fouled

The horrifying consequences of having your world invaded by demons are innumerable. The most prominent consequence is the endless swarms of bloodthirsty, tentacled monsters called “The Fouled.”

These abominations will eat nearly any organic material except each other. They roam the land, devouring whatever they can and reproducing at an alarming rate. Some waves have gotten so large that they devastate entire towns in a matter of minutes.

The Fouled reproduce by injecting larvae into a living animal that serves both as a food source and an incubator for the young. In time, the host’s flesh appears to grow into wriggling tentacles. Eventually these appendages tear themselves free of the host body, leaving only bare bones.

It’s considered both merciful and morally correct to kill anybody infected with fouling and to burn the corpse so the larvae don’t survive.

Bulb Horror

These floating sacks of gas hover roughly 20 feet in the air and have long tentacles that dangle to the ground. They use these dangling arms to feel around for food and entangle prey. Even if the snared animal runs, it will tug the bulb horror with it like a balloon on a string. The bulb horror can then, at its leisure, spray digestive acids onto the prey and gruadually slurp liquefied flesh through special straw tentacles.

Attack 2, 5
Evasion 9
Mobility 1

When this monster performs a light strike on a character (not a mook), increase the Wounds inflicted by the number of TP’s the target has.

Cloud of Horror

This swarm of bulb horrors turns the area into a dense forest of barbed tentacles.

Attack 4, 6
Evasion 10
Mobility 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This swarm consists of Bulb Horrors (ref Bulb Horror). Any non-fouled combatant entering a location this mook occupies will suffer 2 Wounds.

Flying Wretchling

The Stoneglaive dwarves call them “Cliff Blisters,” survivors in the Great Graveyard of Nations call them “Muck Flapper”. The most common name is the one given them by the Ironlight Martial Society: “Wretchling.” For the most part, they look very similar to other Fouled; having slug-like bodies with many protruding tentacles, flanged mouths that house wiry eye strands. One difference is that the tentacles jutting from their midsections are flatter and can be pressed together to form a composite wing that is used to lift this creature off the ground.

Attack 3, 5
Evasion 7, 8
Mobility 2

This mook may enter a location at a cost of 1TP without consent of the occupants.

Ghetto of Wretchlings

When wretchlings form a group, they will act in concert to keep any other group of creatures away from their territory. They achieve this by rapid, confusing tactics. Their numbers tend to give them some overconfidence and thus they will not tend to hide as often as they do when solitary.

Attack 2, 5, 7
Evasion 7, 9
Mobility 2, 3, 4, 5

This swarm is made up of Flying Wretchlings.

Foulbearing Mammoth

Mammoths are rarely overpowered by the fouled but when they are, it can be a dire situation for everybody around. These beasts react most severely to the madness that the fouling brings and will rampage with profound effect.

Attack 4, 7, 8
Durability7, 8
Evasion 7, 8
Mobility 1, 2

When suffering handicaps, this mook spawns a new Skull Muncher (ref Skull Muncher) at this location.

This animal has the following Full Action ability:

Inflict 2 Siege Damage on an accessible location.


When a rockfrother becomes infected by the Fouled, its regenerative properties allow it to produce more fouled monsters than most animals can. It stops idly sucking scum off of cave walls and becomes an aggressive predator, trying to eat fast enough to out-pace the damage that the fouling does to its body. It will certainly fail but it’s a dangerous beast while it lasts.

Attack 2, 4
Evasion 9, 10, 11
Mobility 2

Whenever this mook suffers a handicap, it creates a Deathbloom (ref Ravenous Deathbloom) at its current location.

Kodiak Foulbringer

A once mighty bear that has fallen victim to the infestation of the Fouled. Its large body is swolen to thrice the size that of a normal bear and the flailing of its new tentacles is so painful that the beast flies into fits of rage easily.

Attack 4, 8
Durability7, 9, 10
Evasion 7, 9, 10
Mobility 1, 2

At the start of Aftermath, this beast can take a handicap and a new Skull Muncher (ref Skull Muncher) is created at this creature’s location.

Lashing Filth

This web of tentacles settles itself under the dust and waits patiently for prey to walk by before snaring it in the gnarly clutches, and injecting its larvae.

Attack 4, 6, 8
Evasion 7, 9
Mobility 3

Each time this mook inflicts a Handicap, it inflicts an additional Handicap.

Lashing Vine

This hundred square foot web of tentacles burrows under ground and secrets a toxic sludge, turning any plants there to poison. Any animals that graze in the area will die quickly and their bodies will be infested with larvae. This monster stores its waste in large, swollen sacks that look like bulging grapes. When threatened, it will wriggle out of the soil and hurl its waste sacks at enemies, causing irritation and infection.

This swarm is made of Lashing Filth (ref Lashing Filth).

Attack 3, 5, 7, 9
Durability8, 10
Evasion 11, 13, 15
Mobility 5

Attacking this mook from no location grants a +5 bonus to the final value of the attacker’s roll.

At the start of each turn, this mook inflicts 5 Wounds on any two, randomly selected combatants in no location.

Pack of Plague Wolves

When a wolf becomes infected with fouling, it’s usually only a matter of time before the rest of the pack falls victim to this horrific fate. It’s not unheard of for a pack to carry their parasites with them all over the wilderness, causing the infestation of countless creatures.

Attack 4, 6, 7
Evasion 7, 8
Mobility 1, 2, 3, 4

This swarm consists of deathblooms (ref Ravenous Deathbloom).

Ravenous Deathbloom

The most prolific of The Fouled, this fleshy wad of tentacles is often said to look like a flower. A nasty, quick flower that can jump up and bite your face off. Many varieties exist of different colors and shapes but they all tend to stay at around two feet tall, and when by themselves, they all have the tendency to fight evasively; preferring to scurry into hiding and attack unseen. When a deathbloom smells blood, it becomes exceedingly viceous.

Attack 3
Evasion 7
Mobility 3

When this mook dies, it adds 4TP to its Mook Tactical Pool.

Flurry of Deathblooms

When several deathblooms (see Ravenous Deathbloom) get together, they change tactics from evasive to more aggressive; using their companions as distractions so they can sneak in viceous bites. This swarm consists of Deathblooms.

Attack 3, 4
Evasion 9
Mobility 3, 4, 5

This mook has the following Simple Action ability:

1 TP
Inflict 2 Mass Damage on each location this mook occupies.

Deathbloom Tsunami

When deathblooms reach a very large population, they become a paniced whirlwind of tentacles. Fear that other Deathblooms will eat away all the food drives them to a cannibalistic frenzy and they all run from and chase each other, eating whatever they can along the way. When this happens, sensible people run away. This swarm is made up of flurries of deathblooms (see Flurry of Deathblooms).

Attack 4, 5
Durability4, 4, 4, 4, 4
Evasion 9
Mobility 2, 4, 6

At the start of each turn, this mook inflicts mass damage equal to its Mobility on each of the locations it occupies.

Rotten Bloom King

When deathblooms chance upon heaps of corpses, they infest those bodies in a mad frenzy. Tendrils will form without regard for the corpse boundary, entangling the rotting flesh of all the carcasses into a massive, undulating mess that lashes violently with limbs made of the decaying dead.

Attack 4, 6, 7
Durability10, 11, 12
Evasion 7, 9
Mobility 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This swarm is made up of Deathbloom Tsunamis (ref Deathbloom Tsunami). As a Simple Action, this mook can spend 2TP to force a local combatant out of the location and inflict 5 Wounds on that combatant.

Saltwater Foul Squid

The regenerative capabilities of the squid make it particularly dangerous when infested. Squids tend to live longer when fouled and therefore produce more young before dying. For the rest of their (somewhat short) lives, they will be tough and ornery.

Attack 3
Evasion 8
Mobility 6

Simple action: 1TP to inflict 6 Mass Damage on a wet or costal location. When handicapped, this creature spawns a Ravenous Deathbloom (ref Ravenous Deathbloom) in its current location.

Skull Muncher

Extending about 12 feet from tip to tail, this husky strip of muscles has a penchant for wrapping its side tentacles tightly around pray while knawing on the head with its fanged mouth. When the skull finally crumbles under the pressure, it slurps the delicious juices out, filtering skull fragments with the many rows of teeth that line its facial flanges.

Attack 9
Durability7, 7, 7, 7
Evasion 7
Mobility 2

When this monster hits with any strike action, the target must fuel any active spells and loses a supply token.


Gargantuan monsters renowned for destroying towns in minutes. Their bulbous bodies are lined with large sacks from-which protrude eyes that give it 360 degrees of vision. Three large tentacles extend from the top of the body then arc down to act as improvised feet. Nozzles dangle over the rim of the body and secret a toxic, paralyzing mist that makes prey easy to capture and shovel into the mouth atop its crown.

Attack 3, 5, 7
Durability10, 13, 16
Evasion 6, 7, 9
Mobility 8

Once per turn, this mook may inflict 5 Stuns any number of local combatants not wearing a gas mask and one Siege Damage on an accessible location.

Vile Stalker

These fouled creatures have shovel-like feet at the ends of their three legs which they use to burrow holes about ten feet deep. They then spend a good deal of time secreting a highly corrosive fluid into that hole which they cover with leaves or a thin layer of dirt so prey may fall in.

Once caught inside the hole, creatures are slowly dissolved by the fluids in the hole. The nutrients of their bodies liquefied so the stalker can slurp the soupy meal out of the pit with its long, straw-like mouth.

Attack 2, 5
Evasion 7, 8
Mobility 2

Whenever this mook hits a combatant, the target must spend 2TP or be forced into an accessible Pit location.

Vile Family of Stalkers

If a family of Vile Stalkers manages to avoid being eaten by any other fouled beasts, they will band together to form a very large pit and will behave more aggressively than when solitary. They’ll often hide behind travelers and attempt to knock them into the pit and will often dive into the pit with prey to hold them under the digestive fluids until they drown or disintegrate.

Attack 3, 4, 6
Evasion 7, 8
Mobility 1, 3, 4

Whenever this mook hits, the target must spend 3TP or be forced into a Pit location.

This swarm consists of Vile Stalkers (ref Vile Stalker).

Well-harmed Foulbringer

When the fouling has advanced to the point where the host is just about to die, the tentacled growths on the host’s body begin to drop off at an accelerated rate. The profuse bleeding that accompanies this will cause death in the host whereupon the meat of the host will be eaten by the young.

Attack 7
Durability1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Evasion 8
Mobility 4

Whenever this mook suffers a handicap, it spawns a new Deathbloom (ref Ravenous Deathbloom) at its current location.